My story

The most important fragments of our lives are the memories we have and the ones we have yet to make. Though I paint humble objects, I hope my work reminds you of forgotten moments and the people you share them with.

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I am an acrylic artist who has been drawing and painting my whole life, telling my mom when I was just five years old that I was going to be an artist when I grew up. I wanted to make what I thought was a stable career out of my love for art by pursuing illustration. After earning a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, however, I realized that painting was my true passion. I settled in the suburbs of Pittsburgh where I was born and raised and began to paint images of the places and objects that have impacted me the most. I now focus on dramatic, yet simple still life paintings of foods and objects that I have a great fondness for or nostalgic connection to, finding beauty in simple pleasures.


My paintings are more than just copies of what I see. They are the favorite foods and drinks of my loved ones or the reminders of childhood experiences. I find inspiration by looking at my past or by strolling through the aisles of a grocery store, where mundane items remind me of their supporting roles in everyday life. The memories surrounding food are powerful ones because they involve the use of all five senses and are often shaped by the emotions and company we share our time with, which creates a sense of nostalgia. I purposefully leave backgrounds of my paintings bare, so that the subject can exist without specificity of time or place, allowing the viewer to connect the subject to his or her own detailed memories.



After inspiration strikes, I stage and photograph my still life subjects. Working from photographs allows me to capture the details, without water droplets drying or food going bad. I use a grid method to sketch the image onto canvas by hand, typically painting the background first. I then work in small sections at a time to bring each painting to life. I snap photos of my in progress pieces quite often, which helps me to get a different perspective when viewing my work. Below are some examples of those quick snaps, which show my painting process.